Pelvic floor questions

  • What is a Kegel?

A "Kegel" is a contraction of your pelvic floor muscle.  It is a form of exercise, named after the first physician to describe it.  This exercise is often recommended to strengthenen the muscles that contribute to unncessary leakage or pelvic organ prolapses.  

  • Is leakage a normal part of aging?

No, leakage of neither urine nor feces should be accepted as a normal part of aging. Neither should post-surgical, post-Cancer, and post-radiation leakage should be accepted as normal.  Pelvic floor rehabilitation is designed to reverse, reduce and/or eliminate leakage.

  • Is intercourse supposed to hurt?

No, intercourse nor any form of penetration (ie from tampon, finger or during a vaginal exam) should hurt.  Pain is an indicator that something is wrong, and pelvic floor rehabilitation may help.

  • Is there any help for (new or persistent) problems that occured after surgery?

Surgery can often cause bruising, tearing, scarring, adhesions, nerve damage, etc. These will often manifest as a wide range of discomfort, pain, and/or inconvenience to your daily life.  As with any where else in the body, post-surgical rehab as an adjunct to pelvic or abdominal surgeries will often enhance your recovery.

  • I am unable to have a bowel movement, how will this help?

Often, constipation can lead to the improper closure of the anal sphincter during a bowel movement.  Therefore, pelvic floor rehab is designed to properly train your outlet muscles to appropriatley "open" during a bowel movement, allowing less straining and discomfort.

  • I have been doing Kegels all my life, why am I not getting better?

It has been proven that many people often perform Kegels incorrectly without proper guidance.  This improper performance with often increase the problem instead of reversing it.  Pelvic floor rehabilitation will ensure proper performance with specific muscles guidelines based on the initial examination.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my first appointment?

Nothing.  Just come relaxed, and bring all your questions & concerns.  Everything will be addressed thoroughly during the first session.  You will have full control at all times.

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